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A Fresh Coat of Paint for Your Exterior

A fresh coat of paint for your exterior will do wonders when applied properly. In addition to making your business premises or home stand out, it will provide protection to the exterior from the harsh weather elements. This will save you money and time that you would spend on building repairs and maintenance in the long run.

Basically, a fresh coat of paint for your building exterior does more than just enhance the aesthetic appearance. The color of the paint applied on your house can reflect your personality. Thus, in addition to pleasing the eyes, a fresh coat of paint can send a message to neighbors and passersby. But, how do you determine whether your building needs a fresh coat of paint? Here are signs that the exterior of your house needs a new paint job.

Faded Color

Extended exposure of the exterior of a building to sun causes fading of the paint on the west and east sides. Fading starts when paint fails due to sun damage. If the exterior of your building has a faded color, it means you still have time to respond before peeling starts thereby exposing the underneath surface. So, if you notice fading of the exterior paint’s color, consider applying a new coat of paint on your exterior.

Chipping, Peeling and Cracking Paint

Sun and moisture exposure weakens the existing bond between the exterior surface and paint after some time. Typically, this becomes noticeable once the paint starts showing small cracks and it is a sign of failing paint. Eventually, the exterior paint starts to flake and chip off leaving exterior surfaces exposed. Unfortunately, exposed surfaces worsen when nothing is done to protect them. When exposed, the underneath material becomes susceptible to mold, pests, and rot.

Wood Rot

Paint is usually the first defense line for a home against natural elements. If the exterior of your building doesn’t have paint protection, its materials are exposed and susceptible to rotting. Perhaps, you should test the wood in the exterior of your home to find out if it’s already rotting. Use your hands to press the exposed wood. If the wood gives in to pressure, it means rotting has already started. When rotten, wood needs replacement before new paint is applied. Otherwise, the new paint will also fail. Most construction materials tend to deteriorate very fast when not protected by quality paint.

Mold and Mildew

Growth of mold and mildew is a major reason to apply a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of a building. However, removing mold and mildew requires professional cleaning. The exterior of a building with mold and mildew has to be cleaned thoroughly. This can wear down the exterior paint faster than usual. So, if your building’s exterior has spots with faded paint as a result of mold and mildew removal, consider having it repainted.

You don’t have to wait for your exterior paint to fail completely to apply a fresh coat of paint to your home. Hire a professional painting contractor to have a brand new layer of paint applied to your house or facility anytime you notice any of these signs.